Ed Harkins Unplugged September 26, 2016

In this video, retiree Ed Harkins describes his experience as with Wilderness Awareness School’s 9-month adult nature awareness program called Anake Outdoor School where he attended as a student along with about 30 millennial outdoor enthusiasts. Created also to be distributed on Tech50+. “…after finishing building my daughters home, I got permission from my wife to take the program!” Filmed by team dbCSG in natural lighting with an iPhone 6, a Sony A6000, a reflector and a lav.

Margaux and Bella at a Vintage Aircraft Museum September 26, 2016

Junior Journalists Margaux Bouchegnies and Bella Reid covered stories during Northwest Vintage Aircraft Museum’s annual Fly-In. Here they interview Steve Bolan who shares tales as a Hollywood stunt man from Empire Of The Sun to the Aviator and more. “…so, I hear that you were a stunt flyer, is that correct?” Filmed in partnership with Violet Studios.

D. C. Granger Homes September 26, 2016

This customer evidence video was created for D. C. Granger Homes to show potential buyers an example of their amazing craftsmanship in luxury homebuilding and hear about their excellent customer service, first hand. “We find that this video gave people a good feel for the types of homes we deliver and how we treat our customers. – Darin Granger, D.C. Granger Homes” Filmed with Mark Sanders of Lift Digital.

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