Galapagos Ecology Project December 9, 2012

My daughter has learned about an amazing project she would like to participate in with Ecology Project International, where you would go to the Galapagos Islands and work with scientists in the Galapagos National Park, assisting them in conservation efforts working to protect Galapagos wildlife.  It’s a 12 day course and she would get 25 community service hours which she can include on college applications.  It’s pretty spectacular – here’s a pdf outlining a sample program:

Galapagos Islands Ecology Project

and the website is here.

Margaux has given herself a goal of saving towards the approximately $4K it will cost for her to have this incredible experience over the next 2 years.  She’s doing this through mother’s helper jobs, babysitting and helping out around iqbeats recording studio.  We’re also coming up with some other creative ways she can earn money towards the trip.  Stay tuned for more on the progress of this amazing adventure…



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