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Working as a film and video professional led me from editing my own projects to a rather esoteric career as a telecine colorist.  Originally from the city of brotherly love, I’ve lived and worked in Seattle, LA and Paris, France.  I know the difference between base and emulsion, saw the transition from analog to digital, have a small collection of interesting vacuum tubes and a love for art history.

As a kid, I immediately took the back cover off the small aqua portable transistor radio rewarded to me for getting good grades by my uncle, and sat in marvel at the beauty of technology within. Here’s the radio I remember:


and the transistors:      http://www.learnabout-electronics.org/images/resistor_5_band_code.jpg  http://static.newworldencyclopedia.org/thumb/5/5a/Transistors.agr.jpg/300px-Transistors.agr.jpg

Maybe it was because he had 2 sons and didn’t know any better, but Uncle Irv also gave me gifts like calculators and cameras, and in doing so created for me a comfort zone with technology girls didn’t often get.  His son, my cousin Ricky, also contributed to this when he returned from Vietnam with a fancy reel-to-reel tape recorder and taught me to thread it up and use it, and not be intimidated by it.  This came back to me every time I threaded up a reel on the time-code post production Nagra during a dailies transfer.  Radio remained my first passion, from my first summer job at a Top 40 station where I worked side by side with Mark Goodman who went on to be one of MTV’s 1st Veejays, to an internship at an AOR station (cut to the movie FM), on to lead as music director of the college station.

I’m a total geekabe,  (ok, I made that up, thats a geek wannabe) and eager to devour supplemental material that helps me learn the landscape for specific projects, recent examples of which include learning about the data science space, blower door tests and HERS ratings, femtocells, MRSS feeds, and computational television.  I’m pretty jazzed about the disruptions occurring in the TV industry, facsinated by internet of things and proud of being acknowledged by my college professor in his book about James Joyce’sUlysses.  I thrive off of the thrill and excitement of businesses which are inspired by the passion’s of others, as there is nothing more infectious than the cardinal energy of entrepreneurs.  I love to bring solutions to the table and execute them, am results oriented and goal driven and treat each client’s business as if its my own. In short, I get things done.




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